Download site is down.

My website that houses most of my moodthemes is down. Was hacked and taken over (arggh) and I'm not sure when I can move them to a new server as I am working diligently on getting my old site back.

A few themes may be available (autumn and summer are) but please be patient while I work on it. Thanks! Aimee


I'm sorry I've not posted in here in so long. On Mar 22, my father passed away and I have had trouble focusing on big projects like my moodthemes, I have been able to concentrate better on many smaller projects like Icons or textures. I will be making more moodthemes soon, though, I promise!

In fact, I've just got to wrap up my Impressionist Set, which is almost done and I'll be posting it soon.

I just wanted to let you know this community is still going strong, I just sort of sputtered out for a little while.

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Temporary Download Problems

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience, but the site I host my downloads on, is currently down. So please hang tight for a few days while it works itself out.

I'm out of town right now but will be back home on Sunday. I will see if there is anything I can do so that this doesn't happen again.

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Post Your Mood Ideas here!

I just thought I'd get a running post going of some requests. I may or may not feel inclined to do them but you never know. I did do an orca one that was unusual and I turned out loving it :)


BUT some sort of fandom stuff I will consider are: 
classic rock bands (pre-1980); male models; classic toys; anything retro or vintage would be cool.

I do want to focus on nature, geography, science, art, history, anthropology, archaeology, animals, etc. Anything you might see on the Discovery Channel as a documentary would probably be a give you a good idea of what I'll do. 

PLEASE POST LINKS TO SITES  if you have them.  That will be very helpful.

Thanks :D