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A Mood Theme Community

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This is the personal mood theme journal of girlboheme.

NOTEWORTHY: I don't make fandom mood themes, so please don't ask me to. There are so many mood themes out there for fandom related subjects. My favorites fandom mood journals can be found in my affiliate section down below.

HERE is my moods list.

I have a request post. But it's mostly for ideas.


HERE is my credit page. It is a catch all for my graphics journal.

LAYOUT: The layout was customized by me using Smooth Sailing and all all graphics are by me.

I am not particularly big on 'rules'.

Basically,I would like to be credited if you use it and a comment is nice so I know what you like so I can make more of the same.

But it is most important that you ENJOY THEM, so that is my main rule :P


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Want to be one? Comment here to be added...

Outside of Livejournal, I own the following sites:
Modelhommes: Dedicated to Male Models in the Fashion Industry Girlboheme: My Little Corner of the Web This Book of Burdon: a fansite for Musician, Eric Burdon

Within Livejournal, I own the following:
Girlboheme@LJ: My Graphics Journal My Blue Skies: My personal Journal, very personal Girly B Icons: My Icon Journal Frostian Moods: My Mood Theme Journal
Modelhommes@LJ: The Place to Get all the Mh News Modelhommes Icontest: A Male Model Icontest Community

More can be found here

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